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Product Information

37 reviews for 2 In 1 Led Camping Lantern – Wakeman Outdoors

  1. DerekLee

    Great for kayaking – Used it three times while kayak fishing. Plenty bright for a spot light or clipped to my pfd as a lantern. Well worth the money.

  2. Jeff,

    fan – Neat item. The led light is good and also acts as a stand for the fan. When on the stand gives an ambient glow. Good for inside a tent.

  3. platpus

    Thought these lites good during power outages. – Company was very accomodating because the 1st shipment had one defective lite and they gave me a replacement order.

  4. Andy,

    Do Not Buy This – Pure garbage. I put the fan on high, held it to 3 inches from my face and could not feel anything. The blades were spinning but no air was generated. Also the light didn’t work.

  5. LeeA

    Very bright – Very bright and features for pulsing light and red emergency lights are just a bonus. would definitely recommend.

  6. OShanArtist

    Very handy – I bought 3 of these, and I love them all. 2 are in my studio to brighten up my desk and the third floats around the apartment.

  7. KDIDDY,

    Cool Gadget – The led is super bright and illuminates well. I brought this to a festival and it ended up storming pretty hard. This thing was hanging by the hook on the inside corner of a canopy.

  8. HeatherBooMomof2

    Works as described – I bought this product when it was 50% off and I thought I got a great deal. The light is a great functioning right and this speaker is awesome too.

  9. Sherri,

    Haitral Portable 2-in-1 Light and Fan Combo – Would give this light and fan combo five stars, but the fan is not very powerful.

  10. Fisher

    Great light – I’ve used it once and was very pleased. It is much brighter than a standard propane lantern.

  11. Dagger 1959

    First time purchase – I actually just bought mine today, and as I am typing this I am using it at work. So far I like it.it came with 3 AA Batteries. So I went ahead and replaced them with fresh ones.

  12. Stef,

    Great for camping. We used ours in our tent and under a canopy.

  13. Bushyeye

    Best lantern Ive ever bought. – I bought this lantern back in November of last year. I’ve taken it on over 50 nights camping and also took it to the Men’s retreat just last weekend. It is very bright and light weight.

  14. AlRod2050

    Great product!!! – Glad I purchased it, came in handy with my Coleman Stove and Coffee maker during the power outage here In CC, TX. after Hurricane Harvey, Would no have survived afterwards.

  15. chiefdog

    Solid lantern – Heavy duty and bright. Saw a similar lantern at a discount store and the knob and the handle broke while looking at lantern. You get what you pay for.

  16. MoMoney,

    I will never know how good they are – I only gave it 5 stars because it was easy to order, it was cheap, and it seemed to be in good condition when it arrived. I havent tried them because I actually bought it for and donated it.

  17. Melinda

    Disgreet/sleek – I use this in a cabinet that is deep, every time I use to have to use my cell phone for a light, now I have this attached with 3M tape and in a snap I can see everything.

  18. Matt,

    It’s quiet and cool, best for a camping trip! – I purchase this for a camping trip this summer, and this is the second product I have. The fan is quiet and laste about 2.5 nights. The LED light is bright enough to light up my 8-person tent.

  19. Wolfgang,

    Good but let’s try again – The first time we used it camping and hung it on the hook with the fan on, the plastic broke and almost fell on us. I’m not sure if the fans that powerful or the batteries are too heavy for.

  20. uncajurl1

    Beat the heat. – I have used propane and gas powered lanterns for years but hated the heat they generate. Too hot to use inside a tent in the summer not to mention the fear of a tip over with gas powered lanterns.

  21. halloweenpixie,

    Awesome battery operated fan light! – The lights are super bright LEDs and you can rotate which direction the light or fan is facing. I bought these to put in our playhouse outside and they are perfect! They have a hook to hang.

  22. Henry k

    Amazing well thought out light – I bought this to use an emergency light in my boat. Plenty of light out of this little guy plus 3 intensity settings. Coolest thing is the rubber skirt on it to make it more compact while in a bag.

  23. Englejkp

    Brighter than bright! – This is an awesome light! Talk about lighting an area up, it turned night to day and not just a small area, I mean a big area. The cob LED’s on this light are intensely bright! The light has.

  24. jdogshey

    Bright light and usable low power mode – I bought this for a camping trip I had for spring break. It was useful in the dark of night with no lights around it could flash across a little pond and you could see the alligators in the.

  25. Cody

    Perfect for kids – I bought 3 of these for my kids. They are always leaving flashlights on and draining the batteries.

  26. Anna

    Not what is pictured – Not sure of the quality since I plan on returning this. I ordered it online and part of the reason I ordered was because I liked the color pictured. What I received was all black.

  27. JeanieB

    Worked a lot better than I expected!! – The lanterns worked better than I expected! It’s compact size didn’t deter its brightness!! Great for camping!!.

  28. Big Daddy

    REALLY put out the light! – It really puts out a lot of light. The only constructive criticism I would offer is that all though it does offer 4 different light levels, none of them are really low.

  29. Hotty,

    Better than no fan at all – It’s small and weak- but was still better than no fan or breeze at all. Camping in Texas in September is very hot- I hoped the fan would make it doable.

  30. Arcman72

    Worth the $$ – It seemed a little expensive but turned out to be worth every penny. It came in handy on its first use , incredibly it stuck to some thin sheet metal like a leech to a nutsack.

  31. kevin

    cordless light switch – this is a handy bright portable light. it can be mounted with a screw or the velcro. Sadly the magnetic mount will not hold up the light.

  32. Nise,

    Low air – The light is bright but the fan doesn’t blow air on high well. It’s a low blowing fan.

  33. Davedonald,

    Whetstone 2-in-1 tent LED Camping ceiling Fan – I ordered this item off the Wal-Mart web site. It came on time before my camping trip. There were no instructions in the box so I just figured out how to load the 2 D batteries and get it going.

  34. SAMS,

    Great fan and light for tents or canopies. – Recommend for canopies or tents. Good for LED lighting and fan is pretty good considering it’s running on 2DD batteries.

  35. Penstroke,

    Feeling a breeze when there is none – Used this product camping – both in the tent at night and under the EZ-up which serves as my kitchen/dining room. It gave a breeze sleeping in the tent – a real plus for being able to sleep.

  36. Garrettgroup

    Love it!!! – I bought this to put on the fascia area of our pergola. An economical solution for great light!!! We are returning to purchase more today.

  37. Aaron C

    Nice feature to my camping gear – I recently ordered this lantern and I think its great!! Tested it out a few nights just outside the house and i’m pleased with the light output and I like the different brightness modes. I.

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Bright and Long-term Lighting: Combo Floodlight & 10000mAH power bank, with up to 1000 lumens for different brightness, working time from 10hrs to 220hrs

Water-Resistant & Anti-Collision: IPX6 waterproof to protect it against splashing water and ECO-friendly ABS + Alluminum alloy and reliable battery cells for safety

The Portable 2-in-1 LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan by Wakeman Outdoors offers a durable and reliable cooling and airflow solution suitable for use in a variety of outdoor scenarios. This lantern features 18 super-bright LED bulbs that help to provide a high degree of safe, effective lighting for camping trips. They can provide up to 37 hours of lighting on two D-cell batteries. Additionally, The Wakeman Outdoors Camping Lantern features both high- and low-speed settings to provide either ambient cooling or a consistent breeze. In addition, it can provide up to 50 hours of fan power at low speed, 30 hours at high speed or 16 hours at low speed with lighting. This LED camping lantern can be easily hung or it can stand and features weather-resistant construction to ensure protection against a variety of water or sun damages. A built-in handle and lightweight design also help to make this LED Camping Lantern by Wakeman Outdoors easy to carry and to set up. Product Features: Lightweight weather resistant portable camping lantern with 18 Super Bright LED bulbs Hangs as a fan or lamp, stands as a fan Built in handle with hanging hook Up to 37 hours of light from a set of batteries, up to 50 hours (low speed) or up to 30 hours (high speed) of fan from a set of batteries, and up to 16 hours of light and fan (low speed) from a set of batteries Dimensions: 6.25 x 6.25 x 7.

  • 2.5 Lighting Modes: High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS under daylight white/warm light/warm white, total 15 adjustable modes
  • Easy to Carry: 90°Rotation adjustable kickstand to put in anywhere you want
  • Worry-Free Shopping: With CE, FCC and ROHS certification,24-Month warranty.
Product Attribute Details
Lighting ModesHigh/Middle/Low/Strobe/SOS
MaterialABS+Alluminum alloy
Product Weight0.73 lbs (0.33 kg)
Operating Temperature-4℉~122℉
Battery18650, 2500mAh*4, 3.7V
Led Power10W@White Llight + 4.5W@Red Light
Dimensions Lxwxd4.7 x 4.6 x 1.46 inches
Manufacturer Part NumberW470014
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H16.00 x 6.25 x 7.25 Inches
Assembled Product Weight1.20 lbs
BrandWakeman Outdoors
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