Coleman 10′ X 10′ Lighted Instant Canopy

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Product Information

39 reviews for Coleman 10′ X 10′ Lighted Instant Canopy

  1. jonnannichol

    The size of this tent was perfect. The dark room is weird but seems to keep the tent cooler. My issues the rainfly does not cover the door and I had to fight with the door zippers.

  2. xWakawaka

    I really wanted to love this tent. I am taking it back instead.

  3. djs5630

    Love, love, love this tent. Took it out over last weekend! It’s like a mansion in the woods! That’s what came to mind in our outing.

  4. UpperLeftCoastCamper

    This is a good tent we have used it twice in the northwest during full days of pouring rain. The bottem did get some holes from the gravel but, we plan to patch them up.

  5. Grant

    I was out camping with my family and a storm came up. Not really a bad storm, just 15-20 mph and a lot of rain.

  6. JayP

    I read a few reviews and was concerned with all the comments about leaks, but there were also good reviews that talked about not having any leaks. I really wanted this tent to work for me.

  7. ngrout

    Roomy tent that goes up quick. Father and 9 year old put up in about 1 minute. Comes down quick as well. Expandable tent bag eliminates hassles trying to get the tent back into the bag.

  8. IronYoda,

    Great tent… Lives up to its name – This tent is awesome. Tons of room and head space. Used seam sealer on all seams and sprayed scotchguard on outside of fabric. Spent a rainy weekend camping with 6 other tents on site.

  9. Hotchvtrk

    We have used this tent 4 times so far. I’m able to set it up by myself although it would be easier w… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  10. russmcd,

    Coleman Weathermaster 10 Cabin Tent – Had done some intense “quick” research on this product, as our 20 year old tent gave up the ghost on us on the first weekend of a September Bow hunt in the mountains of NM. We had to find something.

  11. REVSR

    I would give this a 5 star, except that it was very difficult for two adults to set up. There are no instructions or step by step diagrams.

  12. Kkona3

    I had hoped that this would be the solution to the sunlight waking me so early. Alas, it was not.

  13. DCM5150

    I really wanted to like this tent but in the end there are a couple flaws that make it a no deal for… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  14. Mark

    Have to stay bent for 30 second each time to open or close zipper. Zipper tore apart. Absolutely not fast to setup. I’ve been camping for years. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  15. SeaBee

    Amazing instant set up tent with hinged door. Used three times, in wind and heavy rain. Stayed dry. Love the hinged door. My husband loves to tell everyone he sets it up in 2min.

  16. John

    We just took the tent out this past weekend. The Dark Room Technology is incredible and kept the tent much cooler than a traditional tent.

  17. Spikeisinthehouse,

    Excellent tent for the weather. – I heard good reviews about this tent. I didnt believe them at first but this tent impressed me. We had strong winds, hard rain and the tent hardly ever moved. No water came in.

  18. tr150

    raising the canopy until it locks in place takes a lot of strength. Not an easy task and your ads indicate. Plus there are tabs on each pole with no instructions as to what they are for.

  19. cxzei

    These instant up or fast pitch tent are pretty good unless it rains. The rain fly does not protect t… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  20. suds74

    I bought to use with my family for Cub Scouts. Mostly camping at a local farm or at the Cub Scout camp. Well over the course of four years, I went through two of these tents.

  21. J Boogie

    The seams are not taped at the base of the tent. Rain just comes right through. Puddles all the way around. I use this product when I’m Camping ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  22. PinotJim

    We used this tent because it is easy to set up, and the size is right. When we set it us this year for the annual vineyard harvest party, in the lea of another tent and a large building, it.

  23. Hotchvtrk

    We have used this tent 4 times so far. I’m able to set it up by myself although it would be easier with 2 people. Really easy Set up. I did set it up on a windy day 40 mph +.

  24. Lyarrt

    Received this tent as a present, and went to go use it the first time a little over a year later (parents thought I would start taking my family camping with 4 1.5-year olds).

  25. Beckham

    Bought this tent at Costco. Brought it home and set it up by myself without much difficulty. However, after using it in the field, the expandable poles failed.

  26. Shannon

    The darkening fabric on this tent was in terrible condition. It appeared worn all over, but was brand new. Just looked like a 5 year old tent right out of the box.

  27. DaniMo71,

    Easy to use! – My husband and I bought this as first time campers. We didn’t know a thing about camping, but were able to get this tent set up in less than 45 minutes the first time using it.

  28. Lou801

    Used twice now. I had an issue the second time out getting the led lights to operate correctly. Did finally get them to stay on after playing with them for 10 minutes.

  29. Ex Colman fan

    Got at Costco. Set up was ok. Found a rip where the seam was not sewn almost instantly. It’s an awkward design. Windows are pointless. Darkroom makes it an OVEN in the sunshine.

  30. ScubaBen

    I am an avid camper and have loved Coleman products (I’ve used an older version 12 man Costco Coleman tent for 9+ yrs without any problems) but this tent is awful-do not buy. I used this tent.

  31. Michael01

    The canopy works great, and the added option of lights help at night to see what you need to under the canopy, even play cards while enjoying the outdoors. The only problem I had is that the.

  32. AidyLeeAndMe

    Got this tent for Mother’s Day and was so excited to try it out. The dark room feature is great! Even car headlights didn’t get in.

  33. Catherine,

    You will stay dry and warm – Great tent with protection against te bad weatherz.

  34. Jess8643

    This dark room technology is the worst. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s even hotter than any other tent we have ever owned. It was used once and already has holes in the fabric.

  35. John

    We just took the tent out this past weekend. The Dark Room Technology is incredible and kept the ten… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  36. Rex to the rescue

    I bought this to help provide some shelter while getting our car ready for a show. It worked great, except one of the lights wouldn’t come on.

  37. Momatibm

    This purchase was to replace the same canopy previously purchased. The canopy was being used at an ARRL(American Radio Relay League) field day testing remote operation emergency communications.

  38. Kaymac33

    We had a very hard time putting the canopy up, finally jury-rigged a small pulley system in order to get it to raise. The how-to videos gave conflicting instructions (didn’t matter anyway as.

  39. PNW tent camper

    The Dark Room technology is really pretty cool, but this tent is unable to withstand even light rain. Thankfully we tried it in the back yard, otherwise it would have been a long wet night.

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Keep the party going long into the night with a Coleman® 10' x 10' Lighted Instant Canopy. The built-in LED lighting system casts up to 450 lumens of light for up to 13 hours. With the dimmer feature you can create the perfect atmosphere. Once it's up, the UVGuard material offers 50+ UPF protection from the sun's rays, and a vented roof releases heat so you stay comfortable. When the fun's done, the frame folds down for compact storage in the included durable carry bag.

Coleman 10-person Instant Cabin Tent Coleman 10-person Instant Cabin TentNew In Box Details: Instant setup in about 60 seconds Pre-attached poles for quicker, simpler setup – just extend and secure Illumiline reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night WeatherTec system – patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out 2 doors for entry from either side of the tent Room divider for extra privacyIncluded rainfly for extra weather protectionCarry bag with rip strip makes packing up a cinch Spacious interior has room for 4 queen airbeds 14 x 10 ft. 6 ft. 4 in.

  • Coleman 10' x 10' Lighted Instant Canopy
  • 10' x 10' straight leg canopy with LED lights
  • Provides 100 sq. ft.
Product Attribute Details
Manufacturer Part Number00000
Assembled Product Weight1 lbs
Tent TypeCabin Tents
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