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Product Information

39 reviews for Half Gallon Jug, Graphite, Matte – RTIC Outdoors

  1. Anonymous

    I needed to find a couple extra items to qualify for a coupon, so I found a couple more things. I should have checked the receipt because I was charged for two of these coolers.

  2. jake

    griffin – its cool.

  3. Michael Fisher

    Love it – I keep one in my car and one on my nightstand. 3 scoops of ice in the morning and I have COLD water for 24 hours in my car.

  4. Ken1113

    The cooler is fine, just down let it get laid down, there is no o ring or gasket in the lid to keep the liquid from seeping out. Seriously how much could it have cost Coleman to add a o ring.

  5. kc123

    Purchased this item for my daughter to use during camp. Was informed on day 1 that there was a leak from the lid.

  6. Tryzndyz

    Bought for husband to take to work. Iced beverage stays cold and can easily remain cold for 24+ hours.

  7. Ben

    wish i had bought this first – I’ve had several (thermos) Jugs throughout the years and this is the best one I’ve owned . Hot or cold it works like it should always .

  8. Anonymous

    I bought this water bottle because I’m pregnant and never drank enough water before I became pregnant. I decided to fill this every morning to ensure that I am getting my 64 ounces a day that.

  9. Guest,

    I would buy this product again – Purchased these coolers for Marching Band Season. Perfect size, insulated and our colors. Better quality than anticipated. Would definitely purchase these again.

  10. Anonymous

    I bought two of these containers and no matter how carefully or firm the lid is tightened they both leak when on their side. I found a big mess in the back of SUV the first time we used it.

  11. AJ

    Perfect for Hiking! – My wife and I took two of these on our day hikes on vacation in Moab, Zion, Death Valley, you name it. We had the 26oz specifically.

  12. Rocco

    I want this! – This company has amazing products and I’m wondering when the half gallon jug will be in stock, looking to order asap!.

  13. Scott Hayes

    5 Days still 39° – Title says it all!!.

  14. Guest,

    I would buy this product again and again. – Coleman’s is a better design than Igloos. Igloo jugs leak at the lid. The lid never screws well. I have bought hundred and hundreds of them to take it to India. Everybody complained.

  15. Ken Fett

    awesome – I love this bottle but one tiny problem. The cap on the top of the lid is hard to screw back on. It could be because it’s new but we’ll see.

  16. Nikki

    LUV – I love these, they are impressive. I normally buy cups from save a cup, but these are so fancy. I’m waiting for more 16oz mango to hit the line.

  17. Event

    Used for camping and sports events for many years and they held up very well. I use this product when I’m Other ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  18. Anonymous

  19. Hbel5484

    Purchased for my daughter to use for cheerleading practice. I got it because it was cheap ($7?) and didn’t want to spend $20++ on the other jugs. The size is great.

  20. Pitter

    This keeps water cold a long time, but leaks if it gets knocked over. There is no gasket in the lid. I use this product when I’m Other ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  21. Dave H

    Stunned – I purchased 2 x 36 oz and 1 x 64 oz bottles. I filled one with ice and water the other 2 with ice and Gatorade. I took them dove hunting. The temperature reached 102F with a 10 – 15 mph wind.

  22. kcarb,

    Great jug for the value. You can’t beat it! – My son uses the jug for his after school track and field practice. He’s very pleased with it. He still had ice in it 10 hours later.

  23. kcarb,

    Great jug for the value. You can’t beat it! – My son uses the jug for his after school track and field practice. He’s very pleased with it. He still had ice in it 10 hours later.

  24. Anonymous

    I bought 3 of these for my kids. Labels left nasty residue that even acetone had a hard time removing. Grass and dirt stuck to them everywhere.

  25. Laurie Johnson

    Perfect for the boat – We love these jugs! I’ve bought them in numerous colors that look great and hold up well. We take them on our pontoon boat to alleviate plastic water bottles cluttering everywhere.

  26. Robert Scanlon

    Halfgallonjug – Bought a half gallon jug and just got my one gallon jug.Great products.

  27. Kimberly

    Awesome!! – I am in love with this water bottle. I received the large water bottle part of a work promotion. I personally can only drink water that is ice cold. This truly keeps water ice cold ALL day.

  28. Annie

    tumbler – I have a 64 oz and and a gallon one! I love these! I load them up with sonic ice and they keep for 5 or 6 days in the refrigerator. Lol I know I could keep the ice in the bag in the freezer.

  29. Anonymous

    We need a large (64 ounce) insulated water jug for sports practices and games. Looked at several brands, read reviews, decided a pour spout was important, reasonable amount of insulation important,.

  30. Michael Karp

    Keeping me hydrated – This was one of my smartest purchasers. As a Fire Police Officer, I am often working a scene for long periods of time and I keep one of these in my vehicle for hydration.

  31. Ceren

    It’s amazing. I ordered 36 oz with a sport lid.

  32. Guest,

    I would buy this product again and again. – Coleman’s is a better design than Igloos. Igloo jugs leak at the lid. The lid never screws well. I have bought hundred and hundreds of them to take it to India. Everybody complained.

  33. Ken

    i want this – When will you get more in stock? I have several Rctic tumblers and I love them but I really want this one.

  34. CeCe,

    Oops! – Let’s just say that I unintentionally reshaped the husband’s old one, and strongly felt the need to get him a replacement. Ended up getting 3 (for him, my son, and one of my son’s teammates).

  35. Anonymous

    This jug does not have a locking spout. So if it tips over on its side, your drink will spill everywhere. The size and colors are great, the handle is flimsy as well.

  36. Logster

    FANTASTIC BOTTLE! – I ordered a stainless steel 36 oz RTIC insulated bottle a couple weeks ago and I LOVE IT!!!!.

  37. Julie,

    I would buy these again next season! – I bought these for our 16U softball team. They are exactly what we needed. The girls take them to every practice and game. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.

  38. Jesse

    always nice to be indersold – I own several Rtic products- from their hard coolers to their coffee cups. I own a gallon jug and just bought two half gallon jugs as well. The gallon jug can keep ice for a loooong time.

  39. Matt Tran

    Love it.

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RTIC Jugs are stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer - works great for hot beverages. Extra wide opening for easy filling, drinking and cleaning. Made with durable kitchen-grade steel.

Coleman .5 Gallon Jug Blue 3000001016 Keep enough ice-cold water to stay cool and hydrated on sweltering days with a Coleman® 1/2 Gallon Beverage Cooler. The wide mouth top makes for easy filling, including adding ice by the handful. The flip spout makes grabbing a quick drink easy, and it won't snag open to better prevent spills. The bail handle makes carrying easy, and the screw-top lid stays secure, so no matter where you go you'll always have a refreshing drink ready for you.

Product Attribute Details
FeaturesCarrying Handle
Manufacturer Part Number3000001016
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H5.80 x 6.43 x 11.50 Inches
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