Oztrail 15×16 Canvas Cabin Tent

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6 reviews for Oztrail 15×16 Canvas Cabin Tent

  1. Mr Rohan McKinnon

    OZtrail 15×16 Canvas Cabin Tent – Large family tent, as described.

  2. Mr Rohan McKinnon

    OZtrail 15×16 Canvas Cabin Tent – Large family tent, as described.

  3. Stephen

    Qualit Tent – Great service guys! I love my tent it was PERFECT!.

  4. Brad

    Satisfied Customer – Excellent very happy thanks for fast delivery a++++ thanks.

  5. Anonymous

  6. Mel

    Great Tent – Great tent fast postage will buy from you again thanks.

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The OZtrail 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent is perfect to take on your next family camping or outdoor holiday. Sleeping up to 16 people, this family camping tent has a 3-room design that can be turned into four rooms by using the included removable hanging room-divider, making it ideal for a long-term all-weather family tent. This tent provides plenty of head and shoulder room as well as large gusseted windows so you and your family will feel comfortable at all times. The extended large front-awning is great for cooking and shelter from the elements, and can be added to by using the included 3-in-1 sunroom and vinyl floor.

This Canvas Cabin Tent is made from SatProof Canvas, a blended cotton canvas that is used in a variety of material weights depending on the design requirements. The SatProof Canvas creates a waterproof canvas that minimises condensation build up, while the structure of cotton allows water vapour molecules to pass through and at the same time provides a barrier to water droplets, creating great ventilation. The roof fabric of your OZtrail Canvas Cabin is rolled under pressure to accept a silver coating that blocks out more than 98% of UV radiation and heat; the technology used in this protective coating has been developed to provide a level of finish never before seen in a canvas product. The anti-mildew waterproofing agent is saturated throughout the canvas before manufacture in order to provide a waterproof barrier even after wear and tear.

It is vitally important that you season your canvas when it's new and also after long periods of storage so it can give the best possible performance. Simply pitch your tent or swag and wet it down with a garden hose. This enables the stitching holes to shrink around the thread of the stitch lines and the cotton in the canvas to swell. Let the canvas dry completely before repeating this two or three times.

Even though you may have seasoned your canvas, sometimes you can miss a spot or a seam. An age-old remedy if this happens: carry a clear wax candle with you when you go camping. If you notice a seam that has not been seasoned properly, simply rub the candle on the exterior of the stitch line. This will create a waterproof barrier quickly and easily. If cared for correctly, your OZtrail Canvas Cabin Tent will still be around for the next generation of campers to enjoy.

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